16 Best Foods With Vitamin K You Need To Eat

Do you eat kale and broccoli? Ever heard of natto ? We’ve got you some unusual foods on today’s list. All of them have been confirmed for their absolute values of Vitamin K.

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1. Natto
This classic Japanese staple might be the greatest source of Vitamin K. Natto is fermented soybean. It serves as a funky addition to your food. It’s a little pungent, but can be a great breakfast option.

2. Collard Greens
Massively huge green leafy collards have been missing from the traditional American diet. It’s a fun experiment to always try new things and surprise not only your palate, but also your body. Who knows, they may be a part of your regular diet in no time.

3. Turnip Greens
Turnip greens may not be everybody's thing, but they’re a healthy Southern favorite. If you’re eating turnip greens for dinner, you should pair it up with cornbread, cream corn and fried potatoes. Chicken is also an essential. Turnip greens go perfect with these foods. Half a cup of boiled frozen turnip greens will give you 426 micrograms of Vitamin K.

4. Spinach
I know, spinach is hated by so many of you. But there are just so many creative and fun ways to add it to your diet. How about spinach frittata and egg white muffins for breakfast?

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