16 Body Language Signs That Might Mean He’s Into You, Really!

More than half of our communication is nonverbal as our bodies tend to manifest our thoughts and emotions. On top of that, men are usually less vocal. So it becomes very difficult to understand what’s going on in their minds. This is where their body language can provide valuable insights into their thoughts. In today’s video, we will tell you body language signs to help figure out if a man likes you. From being protective, touching you, showing off in front of you, mirroring your body language to smiling at you and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
1. He maintains eye contact – 00:38
2. He touches you often – 01:13
3. He is nervous around you – 01:27
4. He is protective – 01:52
5. He smiles more at you than at others – 02:15
6. He can’t stop fidgeting in your presence – 02:41
7. He walks beside you, not in front or behind – 03:08
8. He changes instantly – 03:40
9. He shows off a lot – 04:03
10. His pupils are dilated – 04:23
11. The tone of his voice changes – 04:53
12. He mirrors your body language – 05:31
13. His eyebrows are raised – 06:03
14. A deep breath when he sees you – 06:39
15. He fixes his hair – 06:58
16. He keeps looking at your lips – 07:17


1. He maintains eye contact: Men tend to keep eye contact with someone they like.

2. He touches you often: When you are strolling close to him, does he place his hands on your arm? Does he tend to pat your hand or arm when talking? A simple touch can convey a more striking and direct message than many words.

3. He is nervous around you: Another clear sign that he is into you is when he is unable to stop fidgeting.

4. He is protective: Another signal to look out for is when he appears to be protective of you.

5. He smiles more at you: A smile is the universal sign of approval. And if he smiles at you a lot while talking or simply looking at you, it’s a good bet that he likes you.

6. He can’t stop fidgeting in your presence: When a person feels nervous and excited about something, they will often fidget when it’s happening.

7. He walks beside you, not in front or behind: If he likes you, then this is a powerful sign.

8. He changes instantly: If a guy likes you or is interested in impressing you, his behavior will change almost instantly as soon as he sees that you’re around.

9. He shows off a lot: Anyone would want to show off when it comes to the person they like.

10. His pupils are dilated: One way to spot a budding connection is by looking the other person in the eye and casually noticing if his pupils seem small or large.

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