16 Daily Habits That Reveal Your True Personality

From how you walk, your email style, punctuality, handwriting to your handshake and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Choice of Shoes – 00:42
Walking habits – 01:08
Eating Habits – 01:31
Punctuality – 02:11
Phone Addiction – 02:46
Selfie style – 03:19
Email style – 03:40
Toilet paper placement – 04:09
Your inbox – 04:36
The way you wash your body – 05:14
Nervous ticks – 05:35
Your Shopping Habits – 06:13
Handwriting – 06:48
The way you carry your bag – 07:32
Handshake – 08:09
Nail biting – 08:43


1. Choice of Shoes: One’s choice of shoes can help gauge their age, income and anxiety. A study found that people who wear comfortable shoes tend to be more agreeable and people with ankle boots show aggressiveness of personality. However, people with new and well-maintained shoes are mostly anxious and people wearing old shoes are judged as depressed.

2. Walking Habits: Experts say that body language gives clues about one’s attitude. And attitude is judged mostly by walking and body posture. Research shows that if your body weight is forward and stride is quick, you are a productive person.

3. Eating Habits: The way someone eats can show how they approach life. Those who eat slowly are confident, appreciative, level headed and often sad and with low levels of energy. On the other hand, those who eat their food fast are energetic, goal oriented and ambitious. They can also be impatient and ill tempered.

4. Punctuality: Just because your friend is always late doesn't necessarily mean they’re inconsiderate. One study found that those who are chronically late are probably more laid-back, “Type B” individuals. Meanwhile, psychologists have found four types of personalities who are always late. You can be a combination of all four.

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