16 Foods That Will Last Forever In Your Pantry

We can all agree that a well-stocked pantry can be a lifesaver. We always tend to shop a little extra and load up our freezers and shelves. But when you get super busy all that food is sitting for days, weeks, months, or even years. Although expiration dates are there for a reason you might be wondering if those staples are good to use especially if they smell and look all right.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Honey – 00:32
2. Pasta – 01:15
3. Pemmican – 01:47
4. Ketchup and Mayo – 02:21
5. White rice – 03:01
6. Beans – 03:38
7. Hard liquor – 04:08
8. Soy sauce – 04:39
9. Oats – 05:05
10. Butter – 05:32
11. Powdered milk – 06:16
12. Instant Coffee – 06:37
13. Bullion cubes – 07:04
14. Salt – 07:27
15. Sugar – 07:48
16. Canned fruits and vegetables – 08:07


1. Honey
The oldest jar of honey almost dates back 5500 years and is still edible.

2. Pasta
Dried pasta, in packets, is free from moisture and can be stored in the pantry as is.

3. Pemmican
There are so many fancy steakhouse that serve the best quality meat.

4. Ketchup and Mayo
We always put bottles of ketchup and Mayo directly in the fridge once we get them home.

5. White rice
Nutritionally brown rice has an upper hand over white rice.

6. Beans
These can be a great source of protein for vegetarians.

7. Hard liquor
Now all those impromptu get-togethers at your home won't need a quick trip to the liquor store.

8. Soy sauce
Chinese cooking is almost incomplete without this sauce.

9. Oats
I'm sure we all have this in our cabinets right now.

10. Butter
The slab of butter sitting in the fridge might be in better condition than you thought.

11. Powdered milk
This is literally dried milk. That means not a single drop of moisture within will make it go bad.

12. Instant Coffee
We all have our favorite coffee shops for our regular morning joe.

13. Bullion cubes
You obviously cannot store containers of broth for very long, so compress the flavors and store them in the form of bullion cubes.

14. Salt
You might have seen your grandmother salting up meat cuts and preserves.

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