16 Foods You Should STAY AWAY From If You Have High Blood Sugar

From nachos, cookies, soda, dried fruit to starchy vegetables and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
White rice – 00:40
Bananas and Melons – 01:24
Breakfast Pastries – 01:50
Nachos – 02:25
Sweetened Coffee Drinks – 03:06
Fried foods – 04:02
Cookies – 04:50
Smoothies – 05:33
Sports Drinks – 06:18
Soda – 06:51
Fruit juice beverages – 07:38
Cereal bars – 08:51
Dried fruits – 09;:24
Unhealthy snacks – 09:47
Starchy vegetables – 10:15
Sugar Free Foods – 10:43


1. White rice: The more white rice you eat, the greater your risk of type 2 diabetes. A study found that people who ate the most white rice were at greatest risk for type 2 diabetes, and the risk increased 11% for each additional daily serving of rice. White rice and pasta can cause blood sugar spikes similar to that of sugar.

2. Bananas and Melons: All fresh fruit is packed with vitamins and fiber, making them a healthy part of any diet. However, some fruits contain more sugar. Bananas, melons, and stone fruits like peaches and nectarines are on the high-sugar side. These may cause blood sugar spikes more than others. Fruits like Granny Smith apples, blueberries, and other berries are lower in sugar and equally nutritious.

3. Breakfast Pastries: Avoid doughnuts, toaster pastries, and other bakery sweets if you want to keep your blood sugar under control. They're made from processed white flour and are high in fat, carbs, and sodium. Cinnamon rolls may be the worst, clocking in at over 800 calories and up to 120 grams of carbs.

4. Nachos: Did you know that most restaurant nachos have an entire meal's worth of calories, carbs and fat? For example, a regular order of Chili's Classic Nachos has 1,230 calories, 85 grams of fat and 56 grams of carbohydrates. That's an entire day's worth of calories for some people!

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