16 Oxygen-Rich Foods That Help You Breathe Better

Do you generally gasp for breath after climbing just a flight of stairs? It could be an indication that your body is desperately asking for more oxygen.

There is no life without oxygen. A diet that enriches your oxygen saturation remains the only choice for upping your body’s defense mechanism. In today's video let's discuss these oxygen-rich foods. Are lemons on the list? What about garlic, dairy, and green leafy vegetables? We're talking all that and more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Beetroot – 00:34
2. Spinach – 00:59
3. Garlic – 01:30
4. Eggs – 02:14
5. Lemons – 02:50
6. Alpha sprouts – 03:28
7. Avocados – 03:55
8. Pomegranate – 04:29
9. Beans – 05:24
10. Dairy – 05:57
11. Mushrooms – 06:25
12. Broccoli – 07:00
13. Carrots – 07:55
14. Watermelon – 08:30
15. Berries – 09:00
16. Nuts and seeds – 09:35


1. Beetroot
This earthy red vegetable is a nutrition bomb. Rich in iron and nitric oxide, it helps to dilate blood vessels and reduces the chances of hypoxia.

2. Spinach
There are just too many flavor-packed ways to make spinach and getting this undisputed hero of nutrients on your plate.

3. Garlic
Eat at least one clove of garlic per day. We don't know how well it will keep the vampires away but it will definitely keep disease away.

4. Eggs
This is the most versatile kitchen star that goes great with savory and dessert all while adding a truckload of nutritional benefits.

5. Lemons
Make way for some homemade lemon bars! Keep a bunch of lemons handy in your fridge.

6. Alpha sprouts
When Alpha seeds are sprouted, they turn into super healthy alpha sprouts.

7. Avocados
Your favorite creamy greenish-yellow fruit is not for making guacamole alone.

8. Pomegranate
It has never been easy to add a little pomegranate to your favorite recipes because of the tedious peeling process.

9. Beans
You can never go wrong when you cook beans as the main protein. It's the best source of protein for vegans.

10. Dairy
It's alright if you don't love milk in its plain form. But you can always grab a cup of frozen yogurt, clarified butter, cheese, and other low-fat dairy products to improve your oxygen level.

11. Mushrooms
When it comes to earthy hearty flavors mushrooms beat every ingredient.

12. Broccoli
If you are a broccoli hater then you can convert this cruciferous vegetable into an irresistibly tasty dish by throwing in some strong ingredients to mask its flavor.

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