16 Selenium-Rich Foods That You Need To Eat

Have you heard of a trace mineral called Selenium? No? That’s probably because we tend to focus on other popular vitamin-rich foods.

Selenium is the unsung hero of so many body functions. Just a tiny amount is sufficient to boost your immune system, improve brain health and fertility, and maintain your thyroid level.

In today's video let's discuss foods that are high in selenium. Is meat on that list? What about fish and nuts? We’re talking about all that and more.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Sardines – 00:29
2. Brazil nuts – 01:04
3. Halibut – 01:36
4. Eggs – 02:04
5. Cottage cheese – 02:33
6. Mushrooms – 03:03
7. Sunflower seeds – 03:39
8. Beef liver – 04:01
9. Brown rice – 04:32
10. Lentils – 04:58
11. Chicken – 05:25
12. Spinach – 05:40
13. Tuna – 06:09
14. Plain yogurt – 06:31
15. Ham – 06:52
16. Whole wheat bread – 07:16


Not all canned food is bad, especially when it comes to sardines. You will find this fish canned in water, oil, and even tomato juice.

Brazil nuts
Brazil nuts taste yummy both raw and toasted. If you have a habit of snacking on a nut mixture then add a few Brazil nuts.

This fish can make a light lunch or dinner. The delicate white flesh has to be cooked perfectly for its mild flavors to come out.

You probably have had eggs for breakfast multiple times. Poaching, boiling, or scrambling are perfect ways to retain most nutrients.

Cottage cheese
This food has been a top favorite of athletes and weight watchers. Curdled milk is used to make this cheese.

It's time to rejoice vegans! We have vegetarian entries on our list too.

Sunflower seeds
1 ounce of sunflower seeds contains 18 micrograms of Selenium.

Beef liver
Love it or hate it, liver is a storehouse of nutrients and beef liver is no different.

Brown rice
This tan-colored rice is just regular white rice with the bran and germ intact. The polishing process can rob the rice grain of its fiber.

A bowl of perfectly cooked lentils can pair well with brown rice in winter. You can even make burger patties by adding chopped veggies.

This meat is the superstar of almost every kitchen. It needs no introduction.

Health nuts love adding this green leafy veggie to their smoothies. It not only adds a colorful zing to the drink but also gives you a heap of nutrients.

I bet there is at least one if not many cans of tuna sitting in your pantry right now.

Plain yogurt
Yogurt has a ton of probiotics great for your gut. The beneficial bacteria are much healthier than you think.

Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat bread might be a step ahead of your everyday pillowy white bread.

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