16 Signs & Symptoms Of Zinc Deficiency

Have you ever got your zinc levels tested? Trace mineral deficiency can often go unnoticed and cause complications. For example, about 12 to 40% of Americans are still not getting enough daily zinc. This number extends to 1 to 2 billion people globally.

In today's video, we’ll discuss 16 signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency. What do the white spots on your nails mean? What about the loss of taste and unexplained weight loss? We’re discussing all that and more. Let’s get started…

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Intro – 0:00
PMS – 0:31
Unwanted Facial Hair – 1:11
Fertility Issues – 1:47
Child Development – 2:17
Nails Brittle And Flaky – 2:46
Uncontrolled Hair Loss – 3:23
Loss Of Taste – 3:52
Weight Loss – 4:16
Dermatitis – 4:52
Low Immunity – 5:19
High Blood Glucose Levels – 5:45
Wounds – 6:26
Bathroom Habits Changes – 7:05
Mental Burnout – 7:35
Macular Degeneration – 8:05
Hearing – 8:36


Premenstrual syndrome can change your physical, mental, and behavioral patterns. It typically happens during the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle.

Unwanted Facial Hair
You could be zinc deficient. Facial hair can be a sensitive subject for so many out there. The pressure to look perfectly cleaned up can push you to visit salons frequently. But instead of splurging on hair removal treatments, try zinc supplements.

Fertility Issues
Zinc deficiency negatively impacts sperm quality and count. It can affect your decision to start a family. Daily intake of zinc is vital since the body cannot store zinc. If you are 19 to 50 years old, you require 14 mg of zinc daily.

Child Development
Zinc is essential for kids to build new tissues as It promotes collagen formation and builds strong bones and cartilage. It's necessary for the complete breakdown of the food that they eat. Zinc even has an antioxidant effect on kids and keeps diseases away.

Nails Brittle And Flaky
Low levels of zinc could be the cause. Your doctor might even check your nails as it’s the 1st sign of zinc deficiency. Your nails require proteins to stay strong, and zinc helps your body to absorb proteins much better. Without zinc, your nail growth can crack and break.

Uncontrolled Hair Loss
Hair fall can have many reasons, including hormonal changes, illness, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition. It can happen to anyone and at any age. Start upping your zinc intake if you are freaking out over the thinning on the top and front of your scalp.

Loss Of Taste
Does your favorite food suddenly taste bland? Studies on zinc administration have shown promising results regarding taste disorders.

Weight Loss
This symptom goes hand in hand with a loss of taste. Modified dietary habits can make you drop a few pounds. You might consider this change desirable if you are already trying to lose weight. But this is not a healthy weight loss.

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