17 Common Bad Habits That Are Aging You Quickly

From not getting enough sleep, eating unhealthy food, being stressed all the time to not taking proper care of your skin and more.

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1. Too Much Stress: We all have stress in our lives. Whether it’s a demanding job or difficulties in our personal lives, how we manage the ups and downs of life matters. But chronic stress can take a toll on your health, impairing the immune system and speeding up the aging process.

2. Exfoliating Too Often: Removing dead skin cells once in a while is not a bad thing, and you should practice deep exfoliation just once a month when you're young. If you do it more often, you'll make the cell turnover rate happen faster than your skin can keep up with and end up removing nice, healthy cells before they're ready to go.

3. Terrible Sleep Schedule: By now you probably know that an “I’ll sleep when I die” mentality screws with a bunch of different aspects of your life — that includes how fast you age. Further proving that this busy, sleep sapping world just isn't fair, science suggests that the less you snooze, the faster your brain ages.

4. Slouching: Sitting up straight, with your shoulders back, is a strong indicator of the way you’ll age, including the level of independence you may have when you’re older. A study found that those whose spines were the most hunched forward were over three times more likely to need assistance. Bad posture can lead to painful joints and arthritis and internal problems. This can cause you to age faster.

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