17 Habits Of An Unhealthy Relationship

Relationships are pretty sublime. Just when you start feeling like you have a keeper, the honeymoon phase can bring a tide of emotions. Insecurities and the fear of losing them can start early which might make you shower them in gifts or try to be around them 24/7. A healthy relationship requires much more than that.

In today's video let's discuss habits that could hurt your loved one. Is doing everything together unhealthy? What about taking on all the bills? We’re discussing all that and more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. You are glued to your bae – 00:30
2. You are suddenly Sherlock Holmes – 00:57
3. You never want to split the bill – 01:26
4. You move in way too fast – 01:55
5. You’re trying to change them – 02:20
6. You’re always the one compromising – 03:00
7. You hero-worship them – 03:25
8. You always want them to be bubbling with joy – 03:52
9. Too much social media – 04:22
10. You shut down instead of fighting – 04:48
11. Your sorry is always accompanied by costly gifts – 05:24
12. You share every tiny stressor – 05:48
13. Bringing unnecessary drama – 06:13
14. You change your looks for their approval – 06:51
15. Discussing relationship problems with your BFF – 07:19
16. You lie to your partner – 07:52
17. Too much PDA – 08:24


1. You are glued to your bae
If you believe that doing things together will keep you together forever then it's time to slow down. You might want to spend every waking moment with them, right from breakfast to dinner.

2. You are suddenly Sherlock Homes
Are you turning into an obsessive detective with every notification buzz of your partner's phone? Then you need to start trusting them more.

3. You never want to split the bill
Be it a pizza or a pair of classy shoes, are you the one who is constantly saying “hey babe I've got it”.

4. You move in way too fast
Falling in love can make you feel like you're on a roller coaster. You may be tempted to take the impulsive route and that every impromptu decision will be exciting and long-lasting.

5. You're trying to change them
Any change can add spice to your life but if changing the person you are with is your idea of a healthy relationship, you need to rethink this one.

6. You're always the one compromising
Compromise is synonymous with many relationships. But successful couples prefer adjustment to compromise.

7. You hero-worship them
Although this quality might be romanticized by our culture, it's unhealthy. It's alright to be a firm believer in your partner's ideologies and character.

8. You always want them to be bubbling with joy
There will be times in your partner's life when things don't work out the way they planned. It's alright to assure them that there will be other opportunities knocking on their door.

9. Too much social media
If you believe in transparency it's ok to inform your circle about your newfound love. You might want to shout from the rooftop how great your partner is.

10. You shut down instead of fighting
We are not asking you to fight with your partner. But let's all agree that disagreements are gonna happen even if you are two peas in a pod.

11. Your sorry is always accompanied by costly gifts
It's always meaningful to give a gift when you've done something bad. But do you see yourself being trapped in this pattern? Do you always behave badly? And then go overboard due to the fear of losing them? While it is good to patch things up quickly, a costly gift will only act as a distraction.

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