17 Powerful Super Fruits That You Should Eat Regularly

Do strawberries reduce the risk of heart disease? What about the fancy acai berries that help with weight loss? Are bananas and apples superfruits too? Today we are going to talk about the various kinds of superfruits and how to easily add them to your diet.

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Intro – 0:00
01. Blueberry – 00:44
02. Strawberry – 01:17
03. Banana – 01:45
04. Acai berry – 02:08
05. Cantaloupe – 02:43
06. Grapefruit – 03:11
07. Cranberry – 03:37
08. Blackberry – 04:06
09. Noni fruit – 04:35
10. Peach – 05:03
11. Fig – 05:34
12. Raspberry – 06:05
13. Goji berry – 06:31
14. Pomegranate – 07:06
15. Gooseberry – 07:28
16. Kiwi – 07:53
17. Lemon – 08:20


1. Blueberries
We’re kickstarting our list of superfruits with an antioxidant superstar. Blueberries are the superfruit everyone needs. Apart from antioxidants, they also contain phytoflavinoids, potassium and concentrated vitamin C.

2. Strawberry
This delicious summer fruit is chock full of nutrients. High in antioxidants like vitamin c, phytonutrients and healthy acids, eating them on a regular basis increases the antioxidant activity in blood.

3. Banana
Americans eat more bananas than any other fruit. When compared to an apple, bananas have over 5 times the vitamins and twice the amount of healthy carbs along with around three times more the amount of phosphorus. They are a great way to boost energy. You can easily substitute unhealthy sports drinks with just 2 bananas as a pre workout meal. This will provide enough calories for a good 1 hour workout session.

4. Acal Berry
A native of central and south america, these reddish purple berries look similar to blueberries or cranberries. Acai berries contain over 10 times the antioxidants than red grapes and have recently been included in a plethora of health supplements.

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