17 Super Effective Ways To Stop Overeating

At some point, each one of us has had one too many helpings at dinnertime. No matter what the reason, overeating can lead to discomfort and the intake of too many calories, too fast. Not just that, it can also lead to a variety of physical and emotional consequences. Whether you are giving in to cravings or you’re too tired to care, knowing you’re overeating doesn’t always mean you know how to stop. In today’s video, we will tell you about the best ways to stop overeating. From knowing your triggers, being mindful about alcohol, removing temptations, reducing stress to sleeping well and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Eat bigger but fewer meals – 00:35
Drink water before each meal – 01:06
Select satisfying foods – 01:24
Practice mindful eating – 01:54
Know your triggers – 02:35
Keep your portions in check – 03:18
Plan your splurges – 03:39
Be Mindful About Alcohol – 04:06
Make your favorites healthier – 04:26
Avoid eating from the container – 04:56
Remove temptations – 05:32
Give volumetrics a try – 06:08
Sleep well – 06:40
Reduce stress – 07:20
Start Your Morning Right – 07:39
Dine with friends who have good eating habits – 07:58
Eat only at the dining table – 08:22


1. Eat bigger but fewer meals: Constantly eating smaller meals or snacking will make you feel satisfied for a few minutes, but you will never reach a state of fullness.

2. Drink water before each meal: A great way to stop overeating is to drink water before each meal.

3. Select satisfying foods: Choose foods that will make you feel full faster and for a long time.

4. Practice mindful eating: It seems that mindfulness is not just for yogis and meditation enthusiasts.

5. Know your triggers: There are likely certain foods that trigger you to overeat more than others.

6. Keep your portions in check: Accidentally eating the whole tub of ice cream instead of one serving can happen,we’ve all been there!

7. Plan Your Splurges: When you're anticipating a fun weekend, get into the habit of planning for just a few treats that you really, really want.

8. Be Mindful About Alcohol: Not only can the calories from wine, beer or cocktails add up fast, but booze lowers your inhibitions and makes you more likely to overeat.

9. Make your favorites healthier: If you tend to dig into the same not-so-healthy foods every weekend, why not try new ways to make them better for you.

10. Avoid eating from the container: Eating straight from the container is a slippery slope that may cause you to eat more than you anticipated.

11. Remove temptations: One way to reach your eating goal is by setting your pantry up for success.

12. Give volumetrics a try: Volumetrics is a way to eat that focuses on filling up on low calorie, high fiber foods like non-starchy vegetables.

13. Sleep Well: If you've noticed yourself eating all the not-that-healthy comfort foods the day after a restless night's sleep, you're not alone.

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