18 Effective Ways To Beat Extreme Heat

From putting on sunscreen, dressing in loose clothes, staying hydrated, optimizing your windows to applying cold compress and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Go easy on the caffeine – 00:59
Layer your sunscreen – 01:23
Make Sure You Are Sweating – 01:57
Spray Yourself With Cold Water – 02:18
Dress in loose clothes – 02:41
Eat something spicy – 03:16
Take A Lukewarm Shower – 03:34
Eat light meals – 03:54
Avoid the sun between 11am to 2pm – 04:16
Make everything mintier – 04:36
Optimize Your Windows – 04:56
Don't ignore the warning signs – 05:15
Apply cold compress – 06:01
Try to stay indoors – 06:28
Stay hydrated – 07:17
Use Smart Climate Control Appliances – 07:56
Take a dip – 08:31
Avoid Heat During Workout – 08:46


1. Go easy on the caffeine: Many of us love the morning boost that a good cup of coffee provides. But when a heat wave is on, don’t overdo it on the caffeine, as that can cause dehydration. Don’t forget that energy drinks usually have a healthy dose as well, so even if you think you need it to get through a tough afternoon, avoid it when you’re trying to beat the heat.

2. Layer on sunscreen: You want to make sure you protect your skin from the sun. Even if you’re properly dressed, it’s impossible not to have some skin exposed. Make sure you apply a sunscreen that has at least SPF 30 and keep layering it on throughout the day.

3. Make Sure You Are Sweating: Sweating is a sign that your body is functioning like it should as it tries to reduce its temperature through evaporation. In fact, if you’re battling heat and you suddenly stop sweating, it’s a warning sign for heatstroke. So, don’t be concerned about sweating on hot days, but get to the shade if you notice it stops.

4. Spray Yourself With Cold Water: Spritz yourself. Keep a spray bottle in the refrigerator, and when the going gets hot, give yourself a good squirt. It's all about thermal regulation. As the water evaporates, it cools you. While elephants wet their ears first by blasting water from their trunks, humans should begin with their wrists to quickly cool down the blood flowing through their veins.

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