18 Foods Rich In Natural Enzymes That Will Improve Your Digestion

From kimchi, kiwi, miso, garlic to honey and more. Watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Pineapple – 00:50
Mango – 01:28
Miso – 01:58
Avocado – 02:28
Papaya – 02:58
Soy Sauce – 03:29
Banana – 03:51
Sauerkraut – 04:21
Garlic – 04:45
Kefir – 05:14
Honey – 05:53
Kimchi – 06:20
Tempeh – 06:46
Kiwi – 07:17
Yogurt – 07:41
Ginger – 07:56
Mushrooms – 08:17
Apricots – 08:30


1. Pineapple: Pineapples contain a group of digestive enzymes called bromelain. These enzymes aid in the digestion and absorption of proteins. A study on people with pancreatic insufficiency, a condition in which the pancreas cannot make enough digestive enzymes, found that taking bromelain combined with a pancreatic enzyme supplement improved digestion more than the enzyme supplement alone.

2. Mango: Mangoes are very popular during summer. They contain the digestive enzyme amylase which becomes more active as the fruit ripens. This is why mangoes become sweeter the longer they ripen.

3. Miso: A popular Japanese seasoning, Miso is made from fermented soybeans combined with a fungus called koji and salt. Koji is an ingredient high in digestive enzymes. Miso may also alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome.

4. Avocado: Avocado is technically a fruit. Yet it deserves its own category because it's high in fat and low in sugar. Have you ever wondered why avocados ripen so quickly? It's because of the digestive action found in the meat of the fruit.

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