18 Popular Foods That Will Ruin Your Body After 60, AVOID At All Costs

From grapefruit, sprouts, soda, butter to american cheese and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Raw seafood – 0:40
Grapefruit – 1:07
Frozen Pizza – 1:31
Unpasteurized Juice – 1:54
Sprouts – 2:26
Steam-In-Bag Vegetables – 2:47
Soda – 3:07
Processed Meats – 3:27
Sweet Treats – 4:07
Butter – 4:29
Protein bars – 4:47
American Cheese – 5:10
Alcohol – 5:48
Caffeine – 6:31
Unpasteurized Milk – 6:52
Sushi – 7:18
Excess salt – 7:41
Pre-Packaged goods – 8:04


1. Raw Seafood: Clams, mussels, and oysters are often served raw. Some of these options are probably at your favorite restaurant buffet. However, these foods aren’t cooked to a high enough temperature to kill off dangerous bacteria. Since seniors have weaker immune systems, they’re more vulnerable to foodborne illness. Try swapping raw seafood for healthier cooked versions, such as tilapia or salmon.

2. Grapefruit: This low-fat fruit is a favorite breakfast treat for seniors, who may enjoy it with a drizzle of honey. While it’s high in vitamin C, it can also interact negatively with certain medications for high blood pressure and insomnia. Ask your physician if grapefruit should be removed from the diet. If so, you can adjust by replacing it with fresh berries that have similar flavors and nutritional benefits.

3. Frozen Pizza: Pizza may have all of the basic food groups in one slice, but it also contains a large amount of unhealthy ingredients. Frozen pizzas are loaded with grease, which increases fat intake, and the toppings often include heavy amounts of processed meat. Try making a pizza at home, where you can control what goes on top. Use healthier choices such as freshly grilled chicken instead of fatty or processed meat.

4. Unpasteurized Juice: Drinking fresh juice is a great way for seniors to get all the essential vitamins and minerals. But they should avoid commercial juices that haven’t been pasteurized. As an alternative, older adults might want to invest in a juicer for their homes. Juice from most fruits and vegetables will be completely safe to drink for at least a few days. And you can experiment with different fruits until you find a combination you enjoy.

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