19 Best Foods To Eat To Recover From Food Poisoning FAST!

Ever have food poisoning because you ate something off? This food borne illness happens when you eat or drink something that has infectious toxins like parasites, bacteria, or a virus. You start vomiting and get diarrhea within hours. Painful bloating is another symptom. Food poisoning can be mild or serious. For mild cases, you can try simple home remedies like eating specific foods. But what are they?

In today’s video, we are going to talk about foods to eat when you have mild food poisoning. Is banana good for you? What about mashed potatoes and rice water? We’ll talk about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Banana – 00:36
Mashed potatoes – 01:04
Rice water – 01:27
Sweet potato – 02:01
Oranges – 02:28
Oregano oil – 02:49
Cinnamon – 03:17
Coconut water – 03:39
Tulsi juice – 04:11
Lemon juice – 04:39
Pineapple – 05:09
Turmeric – 05:32
Yogurt – 05:57
Chamomile tea – 06:24
Ginger tea – 06:53
Garlic with water – 07:25
Fenugreek seeds – 07:54
Apple Cider Vinegar – 08:39
Cumin seeds – 09:15


If you're suffering from food poisoning, you should follow a bland diet. This means the food should not be spicy but soft. It should also have low dietary fiber.

Mashed potatoes
Another great food to include in a bland diet to treat food poisoning is mashed potato. It is soft and helps prevent the runs. Mashed potatoes can ensure the situation doesn't get worse.

Rice water
When you're from from food poisoning, you should also guard yourself against dehydration. Rice water can help restore fluids your body would have expelled through vomiting.

Sweet potato
Sweet potato contains a lot of soluble fiber. This is good for your stomach and can be helpful for digestion, especially when you're suffering from food poisoning.

Oranges can help settle your stomach in the short term after a bout of food poisoning. Your best bet would be to eat a few slices of oranges as soon as you start feeling symptoms.

Oregano oil
Oregano oil is packed with antimicrobial properties. It can be helpful in getting rid of the harmful bacteria caused by food poisoning.

Cinnamon is another way to deal with symptoms of food poisoning. It is especially effective against feelings of nausea.

Coconut water
Coconut water is a popular summer drink as it helps prevent dehydration. It also helps renew electrolytes, which is especially helpful if you've had a bout of food poisoning.

Tulsi juice
Tulsi is packed with a. lot of active compounds good for your health. It has antimicrobial properties which can help stop the growth of the bacteria that caused food poisoning.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice is another drink that is popular among people who want to keep themselves hydrated. But it can also be effective against food poisoning because of its antimicrobial properties.

Pineapple comes with an enzyme called bromelain. This particular enzyme helps with digestion. If you're suffering from food poisoning, pineapple can help with digestion-related issues such as nausea, bloating, and diarrhea.

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