2 Easy Homemade Remedies for Tonsillitis That Actually Work

Hoarseness, sore throat, and bad breath can be signs of tonsillitis, that is, an inflammation in the tonsils.

Tonsils have an important role in the immune defense of the body, stopping bacteria and viruses from entering the airways.

Frequently, this inflammation is caused by bacteria, but it doesn't cause any worries besides some physical discomfort.

Symptoms are usually swollen, reddish tonsils, sore throat, trouble swallowing, white spots on the throat (or a white/yellow under the tonsils), fever, and bad breath.

Tonsil pain can hinder daily activities, like talking, eating, and even drinking. Luckily, we can reduce inflammation on the tonsils at home with natural remedies.

According to natural medicine, gargling is the best treatment for tonsillitis and other throat infections.

Gargling hydrates the tonsils and combines antiseptic ingredients that are highly efficient in killing bacteria.

The most efficient options of gargling are with salted water.

The second option for gargling is apple cider vinegar, which is believed to kill 99% of bacteria, making it efficient for sore throats.

Children under 6 may not know how to gargle properly and may swallow the solutions, which increases discomfort.

Gargling isn't recommended for anyone under 5. The elderly and people with difficulty swallowing may also have trouble with gargling and should avoid doing it.

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