25 Simple Daily Habits For A Happier Life!

In today’s video, we’ll be discussing daily, weekly and yearly habits that can make you happy. From smiling more to giving a compliment, from ditching the phone to meeting your friend, we’ll be talking about all of this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Smile – 00:27
2. Get a good night’s sleep – 01:03
3. Exercise – 01:40
4. Eat mindfull – 02:00
5. Give a compliment – 02:29
6. Address the unhappy moments – 03:05
7. Acknowledge stress – 03:25
8. Practice gratitude – 03:38
9. Keep a journal – 04:12
10. Breathe deeply – 04:34
11. Plan your week – 04:54
12. Take a break from your phone – 05:21
13. Declutter – 06:05
14. Meet your friends – 06:34
15. Spend time in nature – 06:57
16. Try therapy – 07:14
17. Practice meditation – 07:28
18. Self-care – 07:49
19. Prepare a thought list – 08:13
20. Go out alone – 08:38
21. Give back – 08:53
22. Don’t hold on to grudges – 09:13
23. Prioritize your physical health – 09:27
24. Reconsider your goals – 09:46
25. Reflect on yourself – 10:00


1. Smile
Ever experienced instant happiness when your neighbour greets you with a smile? Or when a little kid randomly smiles at you? When you’re happy, you smile more! But smiling also causes the brain to release dopamine, and relaxes us more.

2. Get a good night's sleep
In order to be more productive, many of us are sleeping less! Being productive is good, but not at the cost of your snooze time. Proper sleep is important for your overall health. This includes your mental health. Between 7 to 8 hours of sleep is absolutely essential. Not to mention the quality! Fixing your sleep schedule will make you feel much better. Taking power naps during the day is also good, as it gives your body a little energy boost.

3. Exercise
We’ve all experienced that endorphin rush after a good run! Routine exercise lowers stress, reduces anxiety and promotes happiness. You don’t have to suddenly go for high intensity training. Just practice a physical activity you enjoy. It can be a 10 minute walk, basic yoga, hiking, cardio, or maybe even dancing.

4. Eat mindfully
What you eat affects your mood. Whenever you feel anxious or low, you want to eat carbs, right? This is because carbs release serotonin, a “feel-good hormone”, which instantly energizes you, but for a very short time.

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