4 Exercises To Do If You Have Heart Problems & 3 To Avoid

From swimming to biking to a nice light jog. There are still so many productive workouts that heart patients can take part in.

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Intro – 0:00
Swimming – 00:30
Cycling – 01:45
Light Jogging – 03:12
Stretching – 04:36
Planks – 05:59
Push Ups – 06:52
Weight Lifting – 07:37


1. Swimming
Were you aware that swimmers have about 50% less risk of dying compared to non-swimmers? Sign me up to the nearest community centre!

2. Cycling
Cycling can help prevent heart attacks. Now keep in mind, heart patients will want to be careful that they don’t overdo it on their bike. You don’t want to put any unwanted stress on your heart. With that said, cycling is known for its many health benefits. It helps riders relieve stress, which surely will lower a person’s blood pressure.

3. Light Jogging
People who jog have a low mortality rate. Seriously. Research has shown that the group with the best longevity are normally those who run at a light pace. They have a 90% lower death rate than those who don’t jog. But remember, the key word is “light” here, people.

4. Stretching
We tend to associate workouts such as jogging and cycling with heart health. It is very rare people will recommend a good stretch. But stretching benefits more than just your muscles. Stretching loosens up the body. If you are stiff, your body will not function as well physically. A study has revealed that women who increase their flexibility show 7% less stiffness in their arteries. They also have lower blood pressure.

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