4 Major Warning Signs Of Balding In Women

If I got a dollar for every time I found loose strands of my hair; I would be a billionaire! At least I’d be making a profit that would help remove the stress caused by the hair loss, if not help with the treatment.

Although it's a common misconception that only men are affected by hair loss and balding, studies show that only 45% of women enjoy a fully-haired head throughout their lifetime.

Fear not, ladies, because today we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about female hair loss conditions, from symptoms to treatment!

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Intro – 0:00

Warning Signs
1. Finding Excessive Hair in your Brush or Drain – 00:35
2. Noticing Bald Patches on your Head – 01:03
3. Thinning of Eyebrows, eyelashes, and all the other parts of your body – 01:30
4. White lines on your Nails – 01:58

5. Family history – 02:36
6. Medical conditions and Hormonal changes – 03:01
7. Taking medications and supplements – 03:27
8. Head radiation treatment – 03:44
9. Stress is a major factor – 03:58
10. Hairstyles and treatments – 04:16
11. Weight loss and lack of nutrition – 04:39

Solutions and Treatments
12. Minoxidil – 05:20
13. Estrogen therapy – 05:36
14. Tretinoin – 06:00
15. Corticosteroids – 06:17
16. Anthralin – 06:44


Let's go over The Warning Signs.

Finding Excessive Hair in your Brush or Drain
You might notice your hair brush collecting strands of hair every time you brush it. Or maybe every time you run your fingers across your scalp a bunch comes out, especially while washing.

Noticing Bald Patches On Your Head
Finding bald patches that keep increasing their size is a matter of concern, and one should immediately take it as a warning sign.

Thinning Of Eyebrows, Eyelashes, And All The Other Parts Your Body.
Although hair loss on the scalp is more common, in some cases, people can experience hair loss all over their bodies.

White Lines On Your Nails.
Our nails can give us a hint about our overall health. Amazing, isn’t it? Subtle changes in your nail’s appearance could be a warning sign of certain disorders and deficiencies.

Factors Causing hair Loss Among Women.

Family History
The most common cause of hair loss among men and women is a hereditary condition that accompanies aging.

Medical Conditions And Hormonal Changes
There are types of health conditions that can lead to both temporary and permanent hair loss among women.

Taking Medications And Supplements
Medication is good for our health, but certain drugs have side effects. Some of these side effects could be hair loss.

Head Radiation Treatment
Radiation therapy to the head makes hair fall out excessively, and the hair does not grow back the same or sometimes not at all. The texture or color of the hair would not be the same as before.

Stress Is A Major Factor
Extreme stress can trigger excessive hair loss. Temporary hair loss caused by significant stress can push hair follicles into a resting phase.

Hairstyles And Treatments
Hairstyles that cause you to pull your hair back into a tight bun or ponytail can cause traction alopecia due to repeated pulling of hair from the scalp.

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