5 Face Yoga Exercises to Tighten and Tone Your Skin

Skincare, which was already strong in the last few years, has become the protagonist of the self-care routine.

Masks, massages, face scrubs, and other exercises, like face yoga, have taken the Internet by storm.

This practice has become famous since Meghan Markle revealed it as one of her beauty tricks.

A study done with women around 45 to 60 years noticed that those who followed a routine of face exercises for five months could rejuvenate their skin up to three years.

Let's check 5 exercises that you can do anywhere to lessen wrinkles and firm, relax, and tone your face and neck skin.

For the eyes
This exercise is good for droopy eyelids, crow's feet, dark circles, and swelling.

For double chin
This exercise improves your posture and lessens the annoying double chin.

For the cheeks
This exercise is good to define your cheeks and prevent sagginess. It is great for jowls.

For the forehead
This exercise alleviates tension in the forehead and lessens wrinkles.

For the eyes and eyebrows
This exercise is good to lessen deep eyes and droopy eyebrows.

For the lips and mouth
This exercise makes your lips firmer and toned. It is also great to firm the jaws and neck.

According to experts, in two weeks you can already feel a general improvement.

After two or four months, it is possible to see less tension and fine lines.

In six to nine months, the participants of the study said to feel more relaxed and younger.

To get all these benefits, practice the exercises twice a day: once in the morning and once at night.

0:00 What is face yoga and does it work?
0:39 Face yoga exercises for the eyes
1:00 Face yoga exercises for double chin
1:31 Face yoga exercises for the cheeks
1:56 Face yoga exercises for the forehead
2:16 Face yoga exercises for the eyes and eyebrows
2:31 Face yoga exercises for the lips and mouth



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