5 Foods That Are Secretly Damaging Your Brain

Although junk food might taste good and satisfy momentary cravings, the benefits stop there—if those are even considered benefits at all. Junk food is full of empty calories that do nothing positive for our bodies. Instead it makes us feel rundown, sluggish, and bloated. It can also cause skin problems and could even lead to more serious illnesses that stem from obesity, like diabetes.

Besides these unpleasant side effects and the threat of a life-long illness from preservative-filled, artificial substances we call food, junk food can be rather detrimental to our brain function.

If you get foggy-headed after binging on your favorite guilty pleasure, you might want to look at our list of the worst foods to eat for your brain.

1. Foods that quickly turn to sugar in our bodies
2. Fast food
3. Foods with partially hydrogenated oil
4. Foods containing saturated fats
5. Mercury-laced foods


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