5 Healthy Foods Packed With Vitamin E That You Should Eat Daily

Your body is always producing free radicals. These can destroy the cells in your body and cause it to deteriorate. But, did you know vitamin E can prevent this? Let’s talk about that today.

What else can Vitamin E do for your body? What foods carry it? Should you take supplements for vitamin E? We’ll talk about all these AND more…

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Vitamin E is an essential nutrient for your vision, reproductive system, and overall health. Vitamin E is a group of powerful antioxidants protecting your body from oxidative stress.

Evidence suggests that a high dose of Vitamin E can delay the progression of Alzheimer's disease for people with mild or moderate symptoms.

Studies show that Vitamin E can also improve symptoms of non-alcoholic fatty liver.

Vitamin E can also work wonders when used on your skin. People who are into cosmetics will often rave about Vitamin E oil. This oil can help prevent skin conditions like sunburn and eczema, as well as heal your wounds quicker.

Just be careful using Vitamin E oil. For some people, it can trigger allergic reactions. To ensure you don't get allergies, apply a dab of Vitamin E oil on a less visible area. This could be the area behind your ear. Leave it there for 48 hours. If you don't see any reaction, you’re good to go.

Wheat germ oil is a good source of vitamin E, and packs a lot of antioxidants. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps delay the effects of aging. The oil carries 23 other nutrients, such as magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, potassium and manganese.

Sunflower seed is another fantastic source of vitamin E. It has 35 milligrams for every 100 grams. The recommended daily amount of vitamin E for adults is 15 milligrams. That means sunflower seed can cover a significant portion of your daily vitamin E requirement.

Whether this is true or not is debatable, but there’s no doubt that almonds help you stay healthy. They lower bad cholesterol, and pack potassium, magnesium along with all the Vitamin E.

Are you a seafood lover? Well, if you’re not, maybe this will change your mind. Seafood is also an excellent source of Vitamin E. Crayfish, fish roe and octopus are just some of the healthy options you can choose from.

Fruits can also be a good source of Vitamin E and other nutrients. Most fruits we eat have lots of nutrients, but a high amount of sugar. Because of this sugar, you’re getting a ton of calories.

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