5 Herbs That Keep Bugs Away

Spring time is coming and with that means lots and lots of bugs. Everyone likes spending time outdoors, but it is not enjoyable if you are being attacked by pesky insects. Even worse, is when these insects make their way into your home. Today we will discuss some natural plants that help to keep bugs away from your home and yard. Give them a shot and take control of the nice weather.

Bay leaves can help keep away cockroaches, mice and moths away from your pantry items. You can even place the leaves directly into your rice, flour and other grains to keep the bugs out of your items. This will help to preserve the products to last longer and make it so the bugs are not attracted to them.

Rosemary also keeps away the cockroaches and pesky mosquitoes. Plant some rosemary and put it on your deck and in your bedroom and kitchen. The bugs do not like the smell of the rosemary plant and will be quickly chased away.

The smell of basil tends to keep flies at bay. Funny, because basil smells delicious. So, plant some fresh basil and leave it in your kitchen and dining room. This will keep flies away from your food. Also, plant some and leave them on the deck or wherever the children may play outside. You will be so glad that you did.

Lavender should be kept by the planter-full in and around the home. This is because it chases away moths, mosquitos and fleas. Cut some springs of lavender to hang in the closets in your home. They will keep the moths away from ruining your clothing. Fresh lavender smells beautiful, so your home and yard will smell great and will be bug-free.

Mint is a strong smell that chases away mice. So, keep some mint leaves in your cabinets and pantry so that mice do not invade your items. Mint also scares away ants. So, you will definitely benefit from having some fresh mint plants in your kitchen, dining room and anywhere else some food may land.

Heed this advice and your home will smell great. Better yet, you will be able to enjoy your surroundings without swatting away at any bugs.

Let us know if you plan to give these tricks a shot.


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