5 Natural Remedies for Menopause That Actually Work

Low Carbohydrate Dieting Instructions

If done correctly and in a controlled fashion, a low carbohydrate diet can be healthy and a way to lose or maintain your weight. However, never go with extreme “no carb” or low carb dieting as it can really threaten your health. Here are some great low carbohydrate dieting instructions for you to get started.

The Paleo Dieter Eats Breakfast

Breakfast is fairly easy to do Paleo – with plenty of eggs and meats to choose from, making a scramble is quick and easy. But what if you're in a hurry or craving pancakes? We've got you covered here – print this article and get cooking!

Debunking 4 Well-Known Dietary Myths

We all live in a very diet conscious world. With all the information overload, unfortunately there are also myths circulating around. Frequently they are word of mouths that happen to be well entrenched in society and taken as truths but without much research to back them up.

Why an All-Protein Diet Doesn't Work

You've probably heard of the popular Atkins diet or other high-protein diets wherein meat is a best friend for anyone who's wanted to lose weight. As with most things, this all-protein diet has its own set of pros and cons. At first, it seemed like the advantages outweighed the disadvantages, and everyone was blinded by its immediate effectiveness. However, further studies noted how it wasn't as beneficial as it turned out to be; especially for our digestive systems.

The Bread Diet

While the number of diet regimens and the problems of weight loss get more challenging each day, it is a little known fact that bread can also do something positive for one's health. Contrary to popular belief, it promotes health and weight loss.

Dark Chocolates, Are They Really Good For the Heart?

Not many people know that chocolates are plant-based food and packed with natural antioxidants. The dark ones are made from cocoa beans which contain high level of anti-aging elements.

Healthy Diet – What Not to Eat

Eating indeed is one of the most enjoyable experiences especially when with others. The colors, the textures, and the flavors of food are just to die for. But we do know that munching too much can lead to unwanted weight gain and numerous health issues if we don't watch what we eat. It's especially hard to balance our diet when we live in a fast food generation where anything fried and processed tastes heavenly.

Teff Flour and the Candida Diet

Have you ever heard of teff flour? I hadn't either until I started experimenting with gluten free flours to use on the candida diet. Teff grass, botanical name Eragrostis tef, is an ancient grain that can thrive in a variety of extreme weather conditions, which makes it a very reliable grain choice.

Dukan Diet Tips – Drinking More Water

The Dukan Diet promises fast weight loss and no food cravings. This high protein, low carb diet, already popular in France, is now being introduced to English-speaking countries. Dr. Pierre Dukan, the brains behind the diet has published his book “The Dukan Diet” in over 20 countries, translated into 10 languages. It is now the turn of Britain, Australia, USA and Canada to hear about this amazing diet. In this article I'll discuss the importance of drinking water while on the Dukan diet.

How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight on Medifast?

I get a lot of questions meant to determine what people should expect in terms of a weight loss time frame on the Medifast diet. People want to know how long it is going to take until they start losing pounds or seeing a real change and improvement in their body. Without knowing the circumstances of the person involved, it's hard to answer this question definitively. But, I can offer you general guidelines based on what I've seen for myself, have heard from others, and have read about clinical studies. I'll share these things with you in the following article.

Raw Food Eating Basics

Every day, more people are discovering just how great they feel eating raw foods. When they make the switch they see vast improvements in their health. As the advantages become more widely know, more and more people begin taking steps towards eating a raw food diet.

Essential Nutrients You Should Ingest

A faulty diet program will make you weaker and malnourished. If you keep on this regimen, you will eventually suffer the consequences which can be fatal to your health. Here are the different essential nutrients you should ingest.

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