5 Shocking Surgical Procedures To Be Ever Done

Our bodies are so unique. Despite being careful of our health, genetics and accidents can get the better of you. Decades ago, medical science was a little crude. However, today’s surgeons have invented fascinating techniques to conquer life.

Experimental surgeries have always stunned humankind. They go beyond lip fillers and facelifts.

In today's video, we'll be looking at strange life-altering surgical procedures. Would you feel bizarre with two hearts in your body? Is it possible to live with just half of your brain? We're discussing all that and more.

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Intro – 0:00
Let's Start With The Toe-to-thumb Surgery. – 00:38
Here's Another Story On Unusual Surgical Procedures. – 02:22
If You Were Squeamish About This, Wait Until You Listen To The Following Surgical Miracle. – 03:58
Do You Think It Is Possible To Live With Only Half A Brain? – 05:40
Last But Not Least, Let's Talk About A Face Transplant. – 08:39


Let's start with the toe-to-thumb surgery.
Have you given serious thought to how often you use your thumbs? The thumb assists you in writing, buttoning your clothes, brushing, pulling up a zipper, and scrolling on your phone. Go ahead and give it a closer look; you will notice it moves differently than the other four fingers of the hand. An opposable thumb took millions of years to develop in humans. Most of your hand function would come to a standstill without this thumb.

Here's another story on unusual surgical procedures.
Did you enjoy shooting hoops when you were 10? Well, what kid doesn't?! In 2015, Chris Formaker, a 10-year-old basketball fanatic, developed mild swelling and pain in his knee at school.

If you were squeamish about this, wait until you listen to the following surgical miracle.
Remember “The Time Lord” Doctor Who and his two hearts? Science might have made this fictitious character a reality. There exists a person who has two hearts beating at the same time in their body.

Do you think it is possible to live with only half a brain?
Our next story will answer this question. Your brain governs everything you do, from simple tasks like blinking your eyes, breathing, sleeping, and moving your body to complex problems, multitasking, analyzing situations, and even emotions.

Last but not least, let's talk about a face transplant.
Your face gives you a unique identity. It helps you to express and carry out fundamental activities like eating, breathing, hearing, and seeing.

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