5 Things Your Eyes Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health

The eyes have been called the windows to the soul. We can learn a lot about someone’s mood. A quick glance or sideways look can give us more information than a person’s body language. However, the importance of our eyes doesn’t stop there.

They often give us important clues about our own health. Poor eye health can signal other significant illnesses. Our eyes can give us clues about the rest of our body. If for any reason you have sudden vision loss or double vision, consult a medical professional immediately. This simple sign could point to an approaching stroke.

With that said look at these eye conditions, to see what the windows to your soul might be telling you about your overall health.

1. Blurry Vision
Having difficulty focusing could be a result of too much time spent in front of a computer screen or mobile device. CVS or computer vision syndrome could be causing too much strain on your eyes and not allowing you to focus properly. This issue has a quick fix: Take frequent breaks away from the screen as much as possible.

One other example of blurry vision can be caused by diabetic retinopathy. This condition affects those with diabetes by attacking the circulatory system in the eyes. It’s a serious problem with American adults who suffer from diabetes.

2. Recurring Stye
A stye can be caused by an ingrown eyelash or minor infection in the eyelid. They are painful and irritating, and usually go away after a few days. Sometimes they require antibiotic treatments, and in rare cases they could actually be malignant. If you have a stye in the same area that doesn’t go away even after a few months, make an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

3. Dark Spot
If you’ve got a dark spot in your vision, you might associate it with an oncoming headache. Dark spots or blind spots that are also accompanied by lights or lines are called migraine auras. Get some rest away from the light until the headache passes and consult your physician as soon as possible.

4. Thyroid Issues
The thyroid gland can cause two separate and distinct eye conditions: eyebrow hair loss and protruding eyes. If parts of your eyebrows start to fall out, or if you feel like your eyes begin to bulge, both of these could be indications that there’s an issue with the gland that controls our hormones and our metabolism.

5. Yellow Eyes
Jaundice causes the whites of a person’s eyes to turn yellow. It attacks newborn babies more than anyone, but also can affect adults. It’s a sign of problems in the biliary system that includes the liver, gallbladder, and bile duct.



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