5 Ways That Sugary Soda is Bad For Your Health

After popping the top of an icy cold soda, consumers enjoy a tingly stream of liquid delight.

But drinking too many of these of sugary beverages can leave us feeling anything but refreshed.

Many people may be surprised to know that diet drinks may contain the same ingredients that are found in regular drinks: phosphates and phosphoric acid.

These are the additives that give soda that tangy burst of flavor. Phosphoric acid can be found in foods, but an excessive amount of these can launch a powerful assault on many organs, including the heart, liver and kidneys, and also lead to muscle loss.

In today’s video we’ll address 5 of the health risks that are linked to too much soda.

1. Osteoporosis
Drinking large quantities of soda can jeopardize the health of our bones, as it seems to alter their calcium composition. Overindulging in these drinks, diet or regular, can hinder calcium absorption. Without this vital mineral, our bone density decreases. When bone loss begins, the chances of developing osteoporosis is elevated.

2. Weight Gain
Studies are being conducted worldwide to better understand the impact that these effervescent drinks have on our bodies. One study found that individuals who drink one regular soda daily for 6 months may see a spike in their triglycerides. Continuous saturation of these syrupy drinks can pose a threat to our liver. And weight gain can eventually pave the way for the development of diabetes.

3. Additives Can Cause Cancer
Artificial caramel coloring is a popular additive in many sodas. This ingredient contains two contaminants: 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole. These highly carcinogenic compound byproducts have been linked to cancer.

4. Tooth Decay
Today’s dental offices seem to have a revolving door of patients complaining of toothaches. Many of these cavities are a result of the citric acid in soda. Left untreated, it can promote tooth decay. This acid can also erode the enamel, and eventually the core itself.

5. Triggers the onset of at least 4 Diseases

A. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
One property of soda is fructose, and the only organ that can metabolize it is the liver. With an avalanche of fructose, the liver goes into overdrive. If this vital organ is damaged, it can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Excess fructose can create insulin resistance. This means the pancreas must rev up its insulin production.

B. Type 2 Diabetes
Surprisingly, drinking as little as one can of soda daily can spark the onset of Type 2 diabetes. The number of people who could become diabetic is staggering.

C. Heart disease
As invigorating as a soda may be, it’s not making our hearts happy. These sugar-saturated drinks have the potential of raising our risk for cardiovascular disease. One soda per day can increase our odds of a heart attack by 20%.

D. Dementia
Eventually, if the brain is affected by an increase in blood sugar it could spawn dementia. Consuming large volumes of soda can impair our memory and impact our decision-making processes. This could potentially precede something as serious as Alzheimer’s disease.


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