6 Easy & Healthy Back-To-School Breakfasts For Kids

Are smoothies on the list? What about muffins and pancakes? Wait, what exactly are “overnight oats”? We’re talking about all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Hard-boiled eggs – 00:23
Smoothies – 01:50
Pancakes and waffles – 02:56
Muffins – 03:56
Granola bars – 05:04
Overnight oats – 05:54



1. Hard-boiled eggs

Our first pick on the list is also one of the most popular. Eggs are healthy, filling, and versatile. There are so many ways to eat them. Scrambled, fried, sunny side up, omelets, deviled eggs, sandwiches, wraps. They will give your kid everything they need, while also being delicious.

2. Smoothies

When you’re in a rush to get out the door, it's easier to let your kid drink their breakfast rather than sit and eat it. Smoothies to the rescue!

3. Pancakes and waffles

Now we’re getting into the really fun stuff! Does your crew have to be fed right away? Well this kid-favorite is something you can whip together in no time.

4. Muffins

Get your kids fueled up with some energy-packed muffins. The first trick to making the perfect muffin is to use smaller muffin trays. This helps them fit the entire muffin in their tiny hands so they can easily eat it. You can also use smaller paper cups depending on the consistency of your batter.

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