6 Exercises That Will Get Rid of Your Love Handles In Just 4 Weeks

We don’t know who named it but although love handles or muffin tops may sound cute but they are one of the most common problem areas in both men and women. We mean the excess fat sitting on the sides of your abdomen and losing that fat can be one of the most difficult things to do. But we have good news for you, it’s not impossible.

There are certain exercises that can actually help you get rid of those stubborn love handles and in today’s video we will tell you about them. From Side plank Crunch, Russian Twist, Side Bending, Running Plank to Woodchoppers and many more, keep watching till the end to find out all!

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Intro – 0:00
1. Russian Twists – 00:28
2. Jumping Burpees – 01:30
3. Woodchoppers – 02:25
4. Side Plank Hip Lifts – 03:29
5. Bicycle Crunches – 04:38
6. Extended Triangle Pose – 05:49


1. Russian Twists
If you love your exercises and believe everything in life should have rhythm, you are definitely going to love Russian Twists. This exercise is particularly famous among athletes, as it involves twists and turns.

2. Jumping Burpees
If your dream is to get rid of your love handles, jumping burpees can help. It is a High-Intensity Interval Training workout that gets your heart rate up and burns calories. Remember, do this exercise with speed. The key is intensity.

3. Woodchoppers
Would you like to include a dynamic exercise in your routine? An exercise that targets your abs and love handles? Woodchoppers are the way to go! They keep your heart rate up and are great for a total body workout. Since you don't need a lot of space, you can do this exercise anywhere.

4. Side Plank Hip Lifts
Plants are one of the most versatile exercises you can do. But can they make you lose your love handles? In short, yes they can. Experts call planks the exercises to do if you have only one minute. For planks, you do not need ample time or props.

5. Bicycle Crunches
Are you already bored with your exercise routine? Want to include an exercise that is fun and doesn't leave you gasping for air? Bicycle crunches it is! And no, you won't need to hop on an actual bicycle and peddle for an hour.

6. One Hand Toe Touch: This exercise can help burn the excess fat from your lower abdomen and waist and is one of the easiest love handle workouts.

7. Burpees: Burpees are a combination of cardio and strengthening exercise. They target your triceps, shoulders, upper back, abdominals and legs.

8. Box Jumps: Box jumps force you to engage your core. When you do a box jump you should be clenching your stomach muscles as you get ready to jump, and when you do jump you release your tightened abdominals in order to get that explosive strength to get you up onto the box.

9. Dumbbell Woodchop: Woodchops can blast your obliques which are the long, flat muscles that run vertically down the side of the torso and carve out a deep, pronounced v cut.

10. Side plank Crunch: This exercise might be a bit difficult for the beginners but the results are great.

11. Lying Leg Twist: The lying leg twist is a great exercise to get rid of those love handles. Plus it is also great for your lower back and shoulders.

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