6 Foods That Help Keep Your Mind Young & Improve Brain Health

Want to feel young again? Not just on the outside, but the inside as well.

Pay attention to what you eat. Your daily diet has a huge impact on your health. This includes your brain as well.

In today’s video, we will be talking about 6 foods you should be eating regularly if you want to keep your mind young. Carrots definitely are in. But what about berries and nuts? What makes olive oil so special?

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1. Carrots
Bug Bunny isn’t the only one living young and healthy! This crunchy veggie is great for your mind and body. If you want to keep your brain young, have some carrots. Maybe even juice them. Or make carrot pudding. Everything about carrots is great.

2. Berries
Berries are delicious. Especially if you eat them as a topping on a lip smacking smoothie. That’s got to be a great nutritious breakfast option too. But did you know there’s strong scientific evidence that eating berries keeps your brain healthy and young. Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries- all of them prevent age-related memory loss and other changes. Experts say that eating berries is very beneficial for the aging brain.

3. Fish
Want a younger healthy brain? Eat more tuna sandwiches. Or maybe some salmon salad. Or have more sardines at lunch. You see where I’m going with this? Fish, especially oily fish, is great for the brain. Research has shown high levels of omega 3 increases blood flow in the brain. This helps your brain perform better. Not just this, omega 3 also improves your thinking abilities and cognitive skills.

4. Nuts
This is another great food for a healthy, young brain. Maybe that’s why walnuts even look like a brain! And not just walnuts that are healthy. Almonds and sunflower seeds are also amazing.

5. Olive Oil
We all know how super good olive oil is for hair and skin beauty routines. This nourishing oil gives your skin and hair intense hydration. But very few people know how great it is for the brain.

6. Chocolates
Eating foods to keep your brain young doesn’t mean you need to give up taste. Both health and taste can go hand in hand. Dark chocolate proves this.

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