6 Healthy Ways For You To Cook Eggs

Eggs are perfect for breakfast. You can poach them or make an omelet. But is there a wrong way to cook eggs? Eggs are often called a superfood because of the intense amount of nutrition they have to offer. You get proteins, vitamins, healthy fats, and minerals from them. But the way you prepare eggs has a deep impact on their nutritional value. In today’s video, we’ll be talking about healthy ways to cook and eat eggs.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Boiled – 00:40
2. Poached – 01:35
3. Fried – 02:06
4. Baked – 02:35
5. Scrambled – :03:03
6. Omelet – 03:32

1. Low-calorie method – 04:21
2. Add vegetables – 04:40
3. Fry them in oil that’s stable at high temperatures – 05:22
4. Choose most nutritious eggs – 05:46
5. Don’t overcook – 06:11


Reviewing Different Egg Cooking Methods

Let’s first talk about all the different popular ways of cooking eggs…

1. Boiled
Eggs are a staple for many people. They have fewer calories. But as I said a second ago, eggs offer a high amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

2. Poached
I don’t need to introduce you to poached eggs.

3. Fried
To fry the eggs, you first need to spread a thin layer of cooking fat in the pan, and heat it.

4. Baked
Another form of cooking eggs is by putting them in a flat-bottomed dish before placing them in an oven.

5. Scrambled
Scrambled eggs are more elaborate. The eggs are broken and poured into a bowl.

6. Omelet
My favorite! The most straightforward way to make an omelet is just like the one for scrambled eggs.

Tips to Cook Eggs in a Healthy Way

1. Low-calorie method
If your aim is to reduce the number of calories you eat, but still want to include eggs as a part of your breakfast, then poaching or boiling them is the way to go.

2. Add vegetables
Vegetables are a necessary part of a healthy diet. Not only are they highly nutritious, they’re also a great source of fiber.

3. Fry them in oil that’s stable at high temperatures
It's not just about how you cook eggs, but what you cook them in.

4. Choose most nutritious eggs
Not all eggs are the same nutrition-wise. Some are more nutritious than others.

5. Don’t overcook
Another key thing to keep in mind is to not overcook the eggs.

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