6 Super-Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Termite Infestation | NO MORE TERMITES!

Have you ever wondered about the mysterious clicking sound in your house? Don't worry, your place isn't haunted, but there's still a problem. You have termites.

Termites are the most harmful of all pests and can prove to be highly expensive. They can eat up your house if you don't get rid of them in time.

In today's video, we'll discuss effective ways to kill termites without spending too much on professional services. Use one or a combination of these methods for better results. Can direct chemical treatment help? What about boric acid? We'll talk about all this AND more…

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Deal with termite infestation by using Diatomaceous Earth.
This is a completely non-toxic and natural pest control option. Diatomaceous Earth is basically fossilized remains of small aquatic creatures known as diatoms.

Did you know that boric acid can be a great option to treat termite infestation?
If you're looking for a mix of pesticides and natural remedies, boric acid can be the best solution.

You can also consider poisoned bait to get rid of termites forever.
The options from a minute ago can be too extreme for some people for multiple reasons. For one, they may not consider their termite infestation to severe. Or, they may be uncomfortable with pesticides being sprayed around their property.

Not your thing? Try direct chemical treatment!
While the poisoned bait treatment can be highly successful on the termites outside of your home, they are ineffective on the inside. If you discover termites in a gap in your wall, attic, or rafters, you need to act quickly to eliminate them.

Consider using nematodes!
If you're looking for a natural ways to get rid of termites, nematodes can be the treatment for you. Chemicals are incredibly effective, but if your termite problem is small, or you're more interested in prevention than cure, this natural method is an excellent alternative.

If infestation is affecting the inside of your house, try the termite liquid barrier.
If you're interested in a technique that can help get rid of termites inside your home, and serve as a preventative measure, a liquid termite barrier will work wonders. It'll cover your house in a chemical barrier that poisons termites upon contact.

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