6 Tips To Increase Your Productivity When Working From Home

Will setting up a schedule help you? How about taking a walk for boosting your productivity? We will talk about all this AND more…

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1. Set up a schedule 0.38
2. Get out of your pajamas 2.04
3. Make a designated work corner 3.11
4. Do not forget to walk 4.25
5. Establish team norms 5.25
6. Minimize the distractions 6.40


1. Set Up A Schedule
Time management is the discipline of controlling your life through your use of the 168 hours that are available to you every week. Mastering time management will help you balance the many pressures on your time and achieve your goals. The balance will help you avoid burnout and stress and will make you more productive at home and in the office.

2. Get Our Of Your Pajamas
You’ll be surprised to know that 73% of people get dressed up to feel more confident. Even if you won’t see anyone else besides your cat for the entire day, it’s difficult to feel productive psychologically in your pajamas. In the initial days of work from home setup, staying in sweats would possibly feel like a perk. But for several remote workers, this habit can cause sluggishness by the end of the workday.

3. Make A Designate Work Corner
Just as it is suggested to not simply roll out of bed and begin operating in your pajamas, similarly, it is not an excellent plan to roll over in bed and grab your laptop from your side table to work. Having a specific workspace will assist you to maintain boundaries between professional and personal life.

4. Do Not Forget To Walk
Research shows that lack of physical activity can cause health problems and diminish organizational productivity. It is valid to say that working from home means can lead to an inactive and deskbound lifestyle than you’d otherwise experience. If you’ve just switched to the remote working side, the shift can be disturbing.

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