6 Ways Lupus Can Affect Your Body

In today’s video, we will be talking about all the ways lupus affects your body. What impact does it have on your hearts and lungs? Can it impact your skin as well? What about the kidneys and brain? We’ll talk about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Heart & Lungs – 00:32
Skin – 02:22
Kidneys – 03:46
Brain & central nervous system – 04:50
Eyes – 06:15
Joints & Muscles – 06:43


1. Heart and lungs
When you have lupus, various parts of your body are affected. For instance, it raises the risk of a heart attack. You would also be at a greater risk of suffering from a stroke.

2. Skin
When it’s your internal organs being affected, it’s really scary. When it’s something you can see on the outside, it’s terrifying! If you have lupus, you’re more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays from the sunlight. This can do damage to your skin.

3. Kidneys
When you suffer from lupus, it will cause inflammation in your kidneys. This can lead to permanent damage. You may find that your legs get swollen, and your blood pressure goes up.

4. Brain and central nervous system
This is where things really become complicated. Another scary part of lupus is what it can do to your brain and central nervous system. It affects your spinal cord’s nerves in a number of ways.

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