7 Best Battle Rope Exercises And Their Health Benefits

Ropes are nothing new. Neither are battles. So it’s sort of surprising that one of the latest trends in fitness is an old-school piece of gear. We are talking about Battle ropes. Hi viewers and welcome back to Bestie!

After years of being confined to martial arts gyms and football training rooms, weighted battle ropes are finally entering the mainstream. And that means it’s time to add them to your fitness routine. In today’s video, we will tell you the best battle rope exercises and the benefits of doing it regularly. From exercises like inside circle, jumping power slams, battle ropes fly whip to benefits like improved balance, better heart health and increased mental toughness and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Waves – 00:43
Inside circle – 1:33
Jumping power slams – 2:31
Squat to shoulder press – 3:12
Alternating jump wave – 4:02
Battle ropes fly whip – 4:41
Single arm plank waves – 5:45

Explosive full body workout – 6:52
Great for burning fat and building muscles – 7:18
Improves balance – 8:04
Increases mental toughness – 8:33
Quick, efficient workouts – 9:15
Better heart health – 10:00


Waves: The battle rope wave is the most classic battle rope exercise. It’s great for blasting fat, getting lean, and building muscle particularly in the biceps, forearms, shoulders and core.

Inside Circle: This exercise is great for your arms, shoulders, upper chest, lats, traps, and all the scapula stabilizer muscles. It promotes strengthening of your postural muscles, helping to combat society’s ever present tech neck and rounded shoulder issue.

Jumping power slams: Jumping power slams offer a total-body plyometric burn that tires your muscles out fast.

Squat to shoulder press: Strengthen your shoulders as you work your lower body and core, too. This movement is especially beneficial for barbell athletes because it uses the same muscles as the thruster or clean and jerk. Instead of going for HIIT-style for this movement, focus on form. When your form starts to break, it’s time to stop.

Alternating jump wave: Finish up arm day with a little full-body workout action that requires solid coordination and power. You’ll feel it in your shoulders, arms and back, while the squats target your glutes and legs, too.

Battle ropes fly whip: The whip is another popular movement for battle ropes. The whipping movement is sort of like an explosive rear delt fly to chest fly. As such, your arms, shoulders, chest, traps, and rhomboids will be emphasized the most. With the Whip, you will essentially be creating horizontal waves.

Single arm plank waves: The plank exercise by itself already does a great job of targeting your core, particularly the deep, supporting muscles of your transverse abdominis.

A few benefits of doing Battle Rope exercises regularly:
Explosive Full Body Workout: By nature of design, the exercises you perform with battle ropes work your entire body in a dynamic, explosive manner. Not every piece of fitness equipment can say that.

Great for burning fat and building muscles: Cardio exercises like biking or running have long been surefire methods for fat burning. However, battle ropes can be strenuous enough to increase your heart rate and shed some fat.

Improves balance: Since the ropes are great at building your core and legs, you’re likely to see an improvement in balance in your everyday life. Furthermore, since this workout is a total-body movement, you might even see some refinement and correction in the symmetry of your body.

Increases mental toughness: We all go through it but hate to admit it: there are gym sessions in which we find ourselves out of focus and feeling mentally weak. Any workout that requires a strong body also requires a strong mind. Especially when used to build endurance, battle ropes may strengthen your mental toughness.

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