7 Causes Of Chronic Pain You Wish You Knew About

In today’s video, we’ll be talking about chronic pain in detail. What is it? What causes chronic pain? What is chronic fatigue syndrome? Can endometriosis and fibromyalgia be a cause? What about inflammatory bowel disease? We’ll be talking about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
What is chronic pain? – 00:30
Causes of chronic pain – 01:18
1. Chronic fatigue syndrome – 02:03
2. Endometriosis – 02:41
3. Fibromyalgia – 03:42
4. Inflammatory bowel disease – 04:36
5. Interstitial cystitis – 05:26
6. Temporomandibular (tempro-man-dibular) joint dysfunction – 06:12
7. Vulvodynia (vulvo-din-eeuh) – 07:23


What is chronic pain?

Pain is your body’s way of letting you know it’s hurting. When you suffer an injury, pain signals go through your spinal cord and all the way to your brain.

When the injury heals, the pain goes away. But sometimes, you have aches and pains that are chronic. This means your body is sending signals to the brain about an injury even after it has healed.

Causes of chronic pain
The main cause of chronic pain is an injury like a pulled muscle or back sprain. It’s likely the injury would have damaged your nerves, making the pain long lasting, and more often than not, really intense.

So even if the initial injury has been treated, it’s still going to hurt. You may have to try medication or other options to relieve your pain.

There are times you may suffer chronic pain without any injury whatsoever. While the reason for this is not fully understood, there are certain underlying health conditions that are known to cause chronic pain. Let’s talk about them…

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