7 Delicious Juices That Will Treat Anemia Naturally

Do you have anemia? Do you know someone who has it?

Certainly, at some point in your life, you must have heard of anemia. It happens because of an iron deficiency in blood, and can be caused by hemorrhages or because of a diet poor in iron.

In this case, it is usually recommended eating more foods rich in iron, which are usually dark in color, such as beets, plum, black beans and even chocolate.

Symptoms of anemia include weakness, weariness, tiredness, and pale skin.

Did you know that you can make juices to alleviate these symptoms and treat anemia?

Some of these juices are delicious, and we will teach you 6 amazing recipes.

Learn them now:

Pineapple and Parsley
Orange and Spinach
Lemon, kale and broccoli
Passion fruit and Parsley
Acerola and kale
Orange, watercress and strawberry
Orange, apricot and lemongrass

Besides these juices, which are super yummy and also a great way of avoiding anemia, your doctor may also recommend some supplements, such as ferrous sulfate, in cases of iron-deficiency anemia.

Besides that, it is worthy to remember that, when drinking any of these juices, the symptoms of anemia tend to disappear.

If you want, you can drink these juices every day, but remember to also include more iron-rich foods in your diet.

If your symptoms don't go away, talk to a doctor to run some tests and identify the cause of your symptoms.



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