7 Early Warning Signs Of A Brain Tumor You Need To Know About

Is a headache one of them? What about seizures? We will focus on all this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Fatigue – 00:30
Personality changes and mood swings – 01:38
Headaches – 02:20
Weakness and numbness – 03:31
Seizures – 04:31
Nausea and vomiting – 05:28
Depression – 06:12


1. Fatigue
The development, growth, and progression of a tumor can really take a lot out of you. As a result, you get tired really quickly.

2. Personality Changes And Mood Swings
If you’re wondering whether brain tumors can cause personality changes and mood swings, the answer is yes. Much like fatigue, the severity is different for everybody.

3. Headaches
Your skull is a sphere with a specific type of tissue. If the tumor brings on an increase in the quantity of tissue, it raises the pressure inside the sphere. This is something the skull can’t expand to accommodate. This is why people with brain tumors get headaches.

4. Weakness And Numbness
A brain tumor will cause you to feel weak. It will almost be as if you can’t do anything. You just don’t have the energy.

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