7 Easy Eye Exercises To Improve Vision & Reduce Dry Eyes | Eye Yoga

Yoga is extremely beneficial for your overall well-being. But did you know yoga is good for your eyesight too? Yogic eye exercises, popularly known as eye yoga, condition and strengthen the muscles in your eyes.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Eye rolling – 0:19
2. Focus shifting – 0:46
3. Blinking – 1:19
4. Palming – 1:47
5. SideWays viewing – 2:27
6. Preliminary nose tip gazing – 2:59
7. Near and distant viewing – 3:27


1. Eye rolling
In this exercise, you sit straight on your seat and breathe in deeply.

2. Focus shifting
This exercise can help train your eyes so that they remain focused.

3. Blinking
Blinking is one yoga exercise you can do to ensure you don’t end up with dry eyes.

4. Palming
Palming is an exercise usually done after you’ve completed all the other yoga exercises.

5. SideWays viewing
For this exercise, sit while keeping your legs straight and lift your arms.

6. Preliminary nose tip gazing
For this exercise, you will need to sit cross-legged. Raise your right arm so that it’s in front of your nose, while raising your thumb and keeping the fist closed.

7. Near and distant viewing
To do this exercise, you will need to sit by a window with a view of the horizon. Make sure your arms are by your side.

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