7 Fruits and Vegetables You Shouldn’t Peel And 4 You Should

From kiwis to cucumbers, we’ll be discussing several fruits and veggies AND more. Let’s start with things you SHOULDN’T peel…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Berries, cherries and grapes – 00:38
2. Pears, peaches and plums – 01:48
3. Apples and apricots – 02:28
4. Tomatoes – 03:02
5. Kiwis and cucumbers – 03:36
6. Eggplants and zucchini – 04:15
7. Potatoes – 04:40

1. Citrus Fruits – 05:28
2. Pumpkins and Winter Squashes – 05:53
3. Tropical Fruits – 06:14
4. Avocado, Garlic, and Onions – 06:39


1. Berries, cherries and grapes
Not only is peeling a berry a challenging thing to do, the peels themselves have a number of antioxidants and nutrients. Something you don’t want to miss out on. It’s necessary that you eat grapes with the skin on. The antioxidants are countless. More than most fruits and veggies!

2. Pears, peaches and plums
Similar to berries and grapes, the skin of pears, peaches and plums are also rich in nutrients and antioxidants. In addition, the skins of these fruits are also packed with fiber.

3. Apples and apricots
Apples are one of the fruits you should never peel the skin off before eating. The skin of an apple has insoluble fiber, and is also packed with vitamins A and C. It’s the same case with apricots. While they may not be as popular as apples, apricots are still really enjoyable, and have a ton of health benefits.

4. Tomatoes
Most people keep the skin on anyways, but in case you were thinking about peeling a tomato, don’t. Tomato skin has a high concentration of naringenin (narring-uh-neen). This flavonoid can reduce the chances of inflammation, and also protect you from disease.

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