7 Hair Mistakes Making You Look Older

Sometimes we think using expensive products will make our hair prettier and healthier, but that's not true. Did you know that your care routine might be why your hair isn't as good as you want?

Something as simple as wearing the wrong headband or wrapping your hair in a towel can harm your locks and cause serious long-term damage, did you know that?

Although these mistakes are easy to make and might seem innocent at first, they can have long-lasting consequences.

In today's videos, you will see 7 common mistakes you didn't know damage your hair:

Hairdryer too hot
Just like the shower water, your hairdryer can't be too hot. Heat dries the hair faster but also brings lots of long-term issues.

Applying conditioner to the roots
Avoid applying conditioner on your hair roots. It clogs the hair follicles that control hair growth and prevents the nutrients from going from the root to the tips.

Rubbing your hair with a towel
When drying your hair with a towel, don't put too much strength nor rub it too much. Be careful not do damage your hair.

Putting your sunglasses on your head
Putting your sunglasses on your head definitely is a way of not losing them, but regularly doing it makes your hair get thinner.

Using dry shampoo too often
Dry shampoo helps make your hair look clean even when you don't have time to wash it. But using it too often can cause itchiness, drying, and flaking in the scalp.

Wearing elastic hair ties
Tight hairstyles, like ponytails, can damage the hair. The hair ties pressure the hair and can cause breakage.

Taking hot showers
Who wants to wash their hair with cold water during the winter? No one. However, hot water makes the scalp oily, dries the hair, and makes the tips brittle.

Do you make any of these mistakes? What others would you add to the list?

Avoid these things and see how your hair gets super pretty!

0:00 Common Hair Mistakes
0:35 Hairdryer too hot
0:59 Applying conditioner to the roots
1:16 Rubbing your hair with a towel
1:30 Putting your sunglasses on your head
1:47 Using dry shampoo too often
2:08 Wearing elastic hair ties
2:21 Taking hot showers



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