7 Powerful Home Remedies to Get Rid of Folliculitis

Is Atkins Right For You?

One diet plan that many people quickly sit up and start thinking about is the Atkins diet. There's no denying the fact that low carb diets definitely are catching on quickly and many people are seeing fantastic results from them. Low carbs diets are recommended by many coaches including Charles Poliquin and Jason Ferruggia and I myself have started slowly eliminating carbs from my diet. I don't even miss bread anymore!

Gluten Free Bible Book Review

Gluten free bible is basically a “how to” live a lifestyle on a gluten free diet. This book covers all its basis from understanding what is the difference between wheat allergies, wheat intolerance and celiac disease to still enjoying your life gluten free. This is a new arena in health and just became popular within the last few years and doctors finally have celiac disease figure out.

Paleo Diet Information – Why Eating Like A Caveman Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health

This article reviews the Paleo diet and how it has gained a lot of followers in recent times. It explains what makes the Paleo diet so unique and why it is the safest and healthiest guide to eating.

Sugar Crash – What Is It and How Do We Deal With It?

Many of you might have already heard the term “sugar crash” lots of times. Sugar crashes essentially describe the symptoms or conditions that people experience after a meal such as high irritability, mood swings, weakness, lethargy and fatigue. They occur after large meals consisting mainly of carbohydrates, in particular simple carbohydrates. As the amount of simple carbohydrates and sugar in our diets today has never been higher, sugar crashes have become more common and hence the recent popularity of the term. This article provides you some insights and what sugar crash really is and how to deal with it.

A Good Diet To Cut Fat And Get Rid Of Cellulite

Getting on a diet to cut fat and get rid of that frustrating cellulite is not as easy as some people think it is. To eliminate cellulite efficiently we need to look and see what causes it. Cellulite is mainly formed by the fat tissues in the cellulite corrupted area due to, excessive toxins and fat consuming. To remove cellulite favorably you need to invade it 3 effective ways.

How Much Of Medifast Weight Loss Is Water Weight?

I often hear from people who are concerned that whatever weight that are losing on Medifast is only water weight. This is especially true in the beginning of the diet. I had someone tell me that she had lost five pounds on her first week of Medifast, confessed this fact to her friend because she was so proud of herself, and was met with a chilly response when her friend scoffed that her weight loss was only “water weight” and would be back before she knew it. (The weight remained off but the friendship was never quite the same again).

Controlling Diet And Exercise Can Help Lose 10 Pounds Quickly

There are different “gurus” who promise to help a person lose 10 pounds quickly. They talk about miraculous diets, and some say you do not even have to diet or exercise in order to lose weight. That seems to be a tough one. Bottom line is: even if that works, you will not look great, you will probably look like your skin is hanging in many different parts.

Losing Weight The Healthy Way With The Glycemic Impact Diet

Staying motivated on a diet is difficult, which is why so many either quit in the middle or lose interest which stops them from reaching a diet's conclusion. Even with all of the technology that goes into most of today's diets, it can still be difficult to find one that works specifically for you and the cravings you have. There are many diets which help you fulfill certain cravings. And for those with regular cravings for sugary treats who feel low on energy, the Glycemic Impact Diet which is based on the Glycemic Index can present a solution.

Living Well With the Mediterranean Diet

Making the switch from your routine diet to a healthier one is a lot easier than you think. You can learn more about how to plan meals in the Mediterranean diet. Keep in mind that it is by no means a strict meal plan.

Nutrisystem – When You Have Over 100 Pounds To Lose

I often hear from people who ask me questions meant to ascertain if Nutrisystem would be a good diet for them given their particular circumstances. Sometimes those circumstances are personal preferences (like for people who are vegetarians.) And sometimes they are related to health (like for people who have diabetes.) Other times, people ask me about a certain situation as it relates to their weight loss. I recently heard from someone who asked in part: “according to my calculations, I have around 125 pounds to lose. I don't want to do anything drastic and I want to lose this weight at a healthy, lasting pace with only diet and exercise. But I'm not sure how realistic this is. Would Nutrisystem be good for me or is it designed only for people who need to lose a little bit of weight?”

Diet – To Eat Or Not To Eat Meat

The question of which diet is healthier, one including meat or one excluding meat commonly referred to as a vegetarian diet, has been argued over the years with the supporters of eating meat by far outnumbering the vegetarians. I am a vegetarian myself and became one because I am firmly convinced that it is a more natural diet for human beings. The word vegetarian is not derived from vegetable as most people think, but from the Latin word vegus which means “full of life”.

Healthy Nutrition Tips: How To Prepare Fresh Juices for Maximum Health Benefits and Enjoyment

Making fresh juices and drinking them every day is one of the best routines you can develop. Juices are delicious, nourishing and super-healthy. So, I want to encourage you to have some fun with your juicing.

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