7 Reasons Why You Must Add Bell Peppers To Your Diet Daily

Can they give you a sharper memory? Maybe elevate your mood? How about boosting your immunity? We’re talking all that AND more! But before we get into it, here’s some interesting trivia about bell peppers…

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Intro – 0:00
Your brain may become sharper – 01:52
Enhances your eye health – 02:27
Great for anemics – 03:18
Excellent mood elevators – 04:18
Helps you lose weight – 04:46
Lowers blood pressure – 05:21
Boosts your immunity – 05:45


1. Your brain may become sharper
We just talked about how bell peppers over-deliver on Vitamin C. Increasing the cognitive function of your brain is one of the major roles of Vitamin C.

2. Enhances your eye health
If you want to keep your eyesight even as you get older, you need to start eating more bell peppers. Two magic ingredients found in bell peppers called Lutein and Zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan-thin) do the trick. Both of these are carotenoids, and are found in Vitamin A.

3. Great for anemics
If you have anemia, you’re bound to feel tired. This is because of the reduced amount of oxygen your blood is carrying. As a result, your body’s tissues aren’t getting the oxygen they need. The less oxygen your tissues are getting, the weaker your body will feel.

4. Excellent mood elevators
This is something that very few people will expect out of bell peppers. Who knew peppers could make you happier?

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