7 Serious Side Effects Of Biotin

Will it cause a skin rash? Not the dreaded acne! Will it upset the stomach? In today’s video we will be talking about unexpected and dangerous side effects of taking biotin and more!

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1. May interfere with other medication
Do you take over the counter or prescription medication with dietary supplements? You may be putting yourself at risk! For some people, these supplements increase the effectiveness of other medication, on the other hand it may decrease it as well.

2. Acne
Biotin is known for adding volume to hair and making nails strong, but is acne the price you really want to pay? The body absorbs biotin the same way it absorbs other vitamins and minerals – through the gastro system. This is also the system that absorbs acne causing agents present in the skin. But, in case of biotin overload, this absorption gets interrupted. In the end, this results in less acne fighting vitamins and of course, the return of the dreaded acne! If you are taking biotin regularly and notice some acne, especially along your chin and jawline, then biotin may be doing more than beautifying your hair.

3. Skin rash
This just keeps getting worse! If you thought that acne was horrible then let me tell you, the skin problems related to biotin don't stop there. Skin rash is a common side effect of too much biotin in your system.

4. Upset stomach
The moment you feel like your stomach health is being compromised, stop! Unhealthy gut health is a breeding ground for several diseases and a weakened immune system. Basically, a happy gut is the secret to a happy life.

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