7 Subtle Signs You’re Drinking Too Much

Rough night of partying? We all have a few too many from time to time, but how do you know when your drinking has become a real problem? In today's video, we're talking about 7 Subtle Signs You're Drinking Too Much, And What To Do About It. Do you always have a hangover? Do you fail when you try moderation? Are your friends saying you drink too much? We're talking all that and more…

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Intro – 0:00
Your friends say you drink too much – 00:25
You try moderation, but find yourself failing – 01:48
So what’s the plan? Let’s have a drink! – 03:05
Feeling stressed? I’m going to have a beer! – 03:58
You’re worried and concerned – 04:55
Your doctor is also worried – 05:41
The hangovers are becoming constant – 06:26


1. Your friends say you drink too much
It's often our closest friends who point out our drinking habit.

2. You try moderation, but find yourself failing
If you're trying to put a limit on your number of drinks in a night, and still find yourself going over, you may have a drinking problem.

3. So what's the plan? Let's have a drink!
You know you have an alarming drinking problem when all your plans involve grabbing a drink. Every activity you do seems to involve alcohol.

4. Feeling stressed? I'm going to have a beer!
Stress is universal. Everybody is under some kind of stress, whether it's stress at work or even at home.

5. You're worried and concerned
So you wake up in the morning with a pounding headache. Everything around you is still spinning. The first thought that comes to mind is, “Why did I drink so much?”. That deep seated nausea hits your gut, making you run to the toilet to puke.

6. Your doctor is also worried
When you go to the doctor, you're usually asked questions about your health and lifestyle. This includes your alcohol intake. If the doctor says you're drinking too much, pay attention to them.

7. The hangovers are becoming constant
Drinking carries a crazy hangover. Even casual drinkers get one if they go too hard. A bad hangover can decide your entire day for you.

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