7 Warning Signs Of A Brain Tumor You Should Know

Important Tips for a Successful Green Tea Diet!

The allure of a green tea diet attracts many to give it a try with the hopes of sizing down without lifting a finger. Popular culture programs us to constantly strive for svelte figures and washboard abs, so we seek opportunities far and wide to lose weight and look our best. A green tea diet will bring about better results if the following recommendations and guidelines are contemplated before indulging.

Gluten Free Weight Loss – Fad Or Savior?

Approximately 3 million U.S. citizens suffer from celiac disease– an autoimmune illness in which a person's body responds to a particular mixture of rye, barley, and wheat. Find out if you are contributing to this growing epidemic and what top industry experts are saying you can do to change this.

Diets For Weight Loss – Quick And Easy Ways To Lose Weight

Are you contributing to the $80 million a day investment that offers no return? Learn why a number of Americans contribute to this debt every single day without knowing.

Losing Weight and Keeping It Off: The Cabbage Soup Diet

Want to lose 10 pounds in 7 days?! Well you'll do it! Just be prepared for insatiable hunger pangs, horrid headaches, low energy, a new found hatred for cabbage soup, as well as a negative and generally pessimistic outlook on life.

3 Tips to Control Appetite Naturally and Lose 10 Pounds of Fat in 2 Weeks

Controlling appetite is the most difficult part of sticking to any fat loss regimen. Controlling appetite doesn't have to be a test of gut wrenching willpower and misery. This article will show you a proven effective strategy to get your body re calibrated to not be hungry so you can start losing fat.

Why Fasting Is Good For You

Needless to say, “water fasting” is an extreme diet. It's extremely hard, but some people swear by it. Literally, you drink only water, no food, no juice even. Not surprisingly, some people report 35 pound drop in weight after going on the water diet for a few weeks.

The Secrets To An Effective Body Building Diet

Are you looking for a effective body building diet that can help build muscle and burn fat? This article will provide you with secrets to an effective body building diet.

Vegan Cooking School Options

So you're vegan and have this passionate love of food. You would like to pursue this passion further, but you're not sure what the vegan cooking school options are out there. Happily, there are plenty! There are quite a few schools that focus on plant-based meals, and many that aren't exclusively vegan can be geared toward you, so you won't find yourself chopping chickens and preparing fish if you're not into that.

Macronutrient Myths

There are so many misconceptions about macronutrients nowadays, that people can't tell what's real or not. The term macronutrients is the collective term used to describe proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

The Right Whey

Whey protein is a pretty unknown subject by a lot of people. You ask someone about whey protein and they either don't want anything to do with the stuff, use it wrong, or don't maximize it's full effect. While it's true, you should get most, if not all of your protein intake from your diet, whey protein can actually be a very valuable asset in muscle building and fat burning.

Definition of Veganism: What Does It Mean To Be Vegan?

What is the official definition of veganism, and what does it mean? If you have any questions about what vegans do and don't eat, wear and participate in, or if you're unsure about navigating the grocery store successfully, this article provides answers and tips especially for those who aren't vegan but are curious about it, or who have a vegan guest they are cooking for.

To Love Or Hate Crash Diets

So many individuals who deal with weight gain are just sick and tired of being fat. When you have the will power, then you could get rid of that weight. The right method to approach the topic of weight loss is by means of diet and exercise. A lot of folks feel that dieting means that you just stop consuming. This is most undoubtedly not a superb idea. You can find no shortcuts in terms of dieting. It is best to try to eat healthy and maybe exercise to burn off excessive calories.

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