7 Ways To Tell If You’re Losing Too Much Hair

Is their hair in your shower drain? Does it come out in clumps when you pull on it? Are there random bald patches on your scalp? Wait, hair on my pillow? No thank you! We’re talking all that and more… Let’s go.

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Intro – 0:00
Hair On Your Pillow – 0:25
How Wide Is Your Part? – 1:28
Bald Patches – 2:08
Hair In the Drain – 3:21
Too Much Hair In Your Brush – 4:22
You’re Ponytail Isn't As Thick – 5:22
Hair Comes Out When You Pull On It – 6:21


1. Hair On Your Pillow
That’s right, one of the more subtle ways of noticing hair loss is finding it on your pillow. This usually happens in the morning after you wake up.

2. How Wide Is Your Part?
This one’s really important to discovering hair loss. You know that area of your head where your hair parts? It’s located down the middle of your scalp.

3. Bald Patches
Let’s expand on what I said a minute ago. If your hair is in rough shape, it will look like you have random bald spots in your head. This can be a sign of alopecia areata.

4. Hair In The Drain
Most people go through life not thinking about this. That is until it happens to you. Hair in the drain is one of the more alarming ways to find out you're going bald. You turn off your shower to notice a clump of hair that’s accumulated by the drain.

5. Too Much Hair In Your Brush
You’ve heard about it time and time again. A person runs their brush through their hair to find a giant clump sitting in the bristles. This is how my dad found out he was going bald! Now the hair in your brush is normal. It collects over time. If you’re dating somebody and find zero hairs in their brush, they either just bought it or are an insane neat freak.

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