7 Ways You Can Boost Your Mood For Free!

In today’s video, we’ll be talking about 7 mood boosters that won’t cost you a thing. How does taking a walk in the park help? Is aromatherapy worth it? We’ll talk about all of this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Walk In The Park – 00:27
2. Laugh It Off – 01:32
3. Aromatherapy – 02:27
4. Hugging Yourself – 03:35
5. Music – 04:30
6. Random Kindness – 05:13
7. Calling A Loved One – 05:50


1. Walk In The Park
I know, it sounds kind of cliched. But trust me, fresh air will do you good. An outdoor adventure can help boost your mood. When you walk amongst nature, your mind produces hormones that make you happier. Whether it’s a pathway or a wide-open field, all you need are the trees to keep you company.

2. Laugh It Off
Laughter is the best medicine. This isn’t just a random saying. When you laugh, it relieves tension and you will feel more energized. When you’re laughing in a group, you bond together.

3. Aromatherapy
Your sense of smell plays a very important role in your mood. This is because smell is directly linked to the amygdala (uh-miggdala), a part of your brain that regulates your emotions. This is one of the reasons aromatherapy works so well.

4. Hugging Yourself
The warm embrace of a loved one will certainly boost your mood. When you take part in any form of physical affection, oxytocin is released in the body. This makes you feel even closer to those loved ones.

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