8 Common Warning Signs You’re Way Too Stressed

It’s pretty much impossible to avoid stress. You’re going to experience it in some way or another. It could be due to your job, relationship, or financial woes. Sometimes, it’s all of those things. The problem starts when stress becomes a chronic issue. It can cause various illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems.

You could be stressed without even knowing it. In today’s video, we’ll talk about common signs and symptoms of too much stress. Do you get headaches often? What about colds and flu? We’ll talk about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Headaches – 0:37
Catching colds and flu – 1:26
Problems falling asleep and lack of energy – 2:32
Depression – 3:41
Acne – 4:25
Change in libido – 5:30
Digestive issues – 6:30
Changes in appetite and weight gain – 7:32
Types of Stress – 8:16
Acute Stress – 8:32
Chronic stress – 8:50
Episodic acute stress – 9:20
Eustress – 9:33
Impact of stress – 10:01


Are you getting headaches on the regular? There could be several reasons for that, but stress is one of the main ones. When you have a headache due to stress or tension, you will usually feel pain at the sides of your brain. If you’re feeling this all the time, you’re likely under a lot of stress.

Catching colds and flu
Are you one of those people who feels sick all the time? If you get sick without any underlying problems, it could be due to stress. The relationship between your immunity levels and your stress levels is pretty important. The higher the stress, the lower your immunity to cold and flu.

Problems falling asleep and lack of energy
Another symptom of high-stress is a lack of regular sleep. People who suffer from chronic stress end up with insomnia. You will not have a good sleep, which will only result in a lack of energy later the next day.

If you have chronic stress, you may also suffer from chronic depression, or have random depressive episodes. A study was done on more than 800 women suffering from major depression. It was no surprise that chronic stress was one of the main reasons behind why they were feeling this way.

One of the symptoms of high-stress is an outbreak of acne. This is usually because people who are under stress keep touching their faces. It’s usually out of nervousness or exhaustion. As relieving as it may feel, when you do that, you’re spreading bacteria to your face, this results in acne.

Change in libido
One indicator of high-stress levels is your libido. When you’re under stress, your libido levels also tend to go down. Your performance in the bedroom will be rocky when you’re worried. If something’s on your mind, it’s best to get to the bottom of it. Otherwise, this stroke of bad luck will continue.

Digestive issues
Digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhea can be caused by various underlying problems. One major reason for these digestive issues is chronic stress. In one study of nearly 2700 children, participants who were exposed to stressful events had a higher chance of constipation.

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